What I Learned About Choosing A Vacation Rental


So, I am the first to admit that when I should be taking a little time off, I usually find unique ways to talk myself out of actually taking the time off. I’m not sure if it has to do with guilt or not, but with the most recent push of sweet vacation rentals as the way to cap off a nice vacation, I may just starting getting out of town more often.

The travel and hospitality industries are always full of the new thing that seems to be taking over & drawing more business. Not wanting to be on the outside, businesses are eager to grab on to these new trends & see what they can get out of them. Vacation rentals, though, are something a little different. Rather than vying for the traditional hotel booking & accommodations, travelers are deciding that they want way more out of their lodging.

As I’ve taken a bit more advantage of going the vacation rental route, I’ve come to know a few things about my travels that may be of significance to others:

Planning is Crucial — I know that I just can’t get up & leave. There has to be a plan in place, and this goes for my packing, travel arrangements, but specifically being in actual contact with the vacation rental I’m planning on working with so that all I’m desiring in a place to stay is available.

Look At A Calendar — Vacation rentals are very popular, and if you travel during a busy travel season to one of these rentals, you may find yourself a bit cramped due to a high number of travelers or out of lunch securing a place to stay.

Have A Budget — Vacation rentals have options, and options mean you can really customize your stay. Know your financial limitations, though, and know you may use what you save for a nice bite out to eat during your trip.

Vacation rentals seem to be where “it’s” at right now in the travel industry. Time will tell if they’ll have staying power, but in the mean time, if you’re looking to make your next long vacation or quick weekend getaway really have a zip to it, you should really consider the idea of choosing a vacation rental.

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How To Pick The Perfect Vacation Rental For Your Corporate Client


Vacation rentals are normally a pretty easy affair in that you essentially want to figure out what you and your family want out of a trip, and then you find the place that fits the bill. Things do change, however, when you have to pick the right vacation rental for a corporate client. Whether you’re trying to seal the deal or simply having them stay in a great place nearby, you want to be sure to think about what makes a vacation rental ideal for a client that isn’t necessarily on vacation.

You definitely want to make sure that the rental you’re looking at has proximity on its side. You don’t want to maroon you client somewhere they have to trek to get to you & the conference room. For example, maybe business is in Taos. By staying the in quaint, beautiful town of Red River, NM, you’re only about an hour away & certainly free of the hustle & bustle of the bigger city.

Don’t forget that since this is a corporate client, you want to be sure they know you’re looking out for their best interest, as well as their bottom line. This means saving money in a nice vacation rental as opposed to separate hotel rooms for each member of its traveling corporate team. You may be doing them a great favor because these rentals are usually well-maintained & offer tremendous amenities prime for business. So, even if they are away from the office, they can still get work done.

Picking vacation rentals for corporate clients is all about finding the right balance between cost, available amenities, and business-ready surroundings. Let the great people of Lifts West show you what the right type of a working, corporate setting is all about.

How To Find A Vacation Rental That’s Perfect For Honeymoons and Babymoons


When it comes to vacation rentals, we are in a bit of golden age as just about every amenity we desire can be had. In many ways, a vacation rental can be a bit of an indulgence, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Consider the honeymoon & the babymoon. Each getaway has its place in life, but, in the right light, could be seen as a bit overly indulgent. To that, we say, “So what?”

Whether you’re celebrating your new lives together or getting one last hurrah in before a new ‘center of the universe’ arrives, you’ll need to have an idea of how to find a vacation rental that works for you both.

First of all, you want to be sure you both agree on the locale of your getaway. If you’re both not on the same page, the getaway will feel like work, and that’s never any fun, especially if you’re trying to enjoy each other’s company.

Timing is also important to consider. If you’re honeymooning, think ahead & use a calendar to know when peak & off-peak times come into play. If you’re expecting, you’re not only trying to plan around the time baby may come, but you also want to work with your body’s energetic/psychological/libido nuances.

You always want to call ahead of your honeymoon to make sure all details are being attended to & that there are no surprises ahead. You want to spend more time looking into each other’s eyes & not at the front desk. If you’re in babymoon mode, be sure to check out medical acilities near where you’re headed in the event that you need to address any issue that may come up.

Alone time with your significant other is what honeymoons & babymoons are all about. Searching for vacation rentals may not be at the top of your list of fun things, but in the end, it’s worth it.

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